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BrainKey supports fundraising for rare dementia support group

BrainKey has been given the opportunity to support an art project for an important fundraising event, to raise money for the UCL Rare Dementia Support (RDS) group.

The UCL RDS group supports patients with rare dementias and their families.

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Between 5% and 15% of people living with dementia have a rare dementia. Rare dementias are often misdiagnosed, and generally less understood and supported.

Rare dementias are more likely to develop at a younger age (< 65 years) and patients can develop other symptoms in addition to memory loss, such as problems with vision, movement, or behavioral changes. This can raise challenges for both the patients and their families, which is why support groups, such as the UCL RDS group, are so important.

BrainKey was able to support this project by providing a 3D print of the brain of the daughter of a patient with a rare dementia: Posterior Cortical Atrophy.

The daughter is part of the UCL RDS group. She had placed the winning bid in the charity auction to have her own brain scanned in an MRI scanner and receive a 3D printed and painted copy of it.

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BrainKey used their AI to create a 3D reconstruction of the brain from her brain MRI scan, to then 3D print it in real size. See our demo dashboard for more information.

The brain was painted by artist and neuropsychologist Janneke van Leeuwen.

Untitled design(47)resized.png

The artist worked together with the patient’s daughter to realize this work of art.

The pattern of flowers represents the patient’s diagnosis. The flowers are painted in the areas of the brain that are most affected by the disease.

The blossoms and green nature associations reference growth, as a reminder that people who are living with dementia can still have new experiences and live a meaningful life.

BrainKey is proud to support this important cause.