BrainKey Talks - Episode 1

In our first episode of BrainKey Talks, we talk to Dr. Garry Savin, MD, about the advances in preventive medicine and longevity.

Advances in preventive and longevity health are changing the health care landscape from one that is reactive to one that identifies and stops problems before they progress. In this video, Dr. Katharina Koch, Ph.D. discusses preventive health and longevity with Dr. Garry Savin, MD, and Dr. Owen Phillips, Ph.D.

Watch this video to learn more about preventive health, the role of brain health in longevity, and how BrainKey can contribute to facilitating optimized aging.


Dr. Garry Savin is the program director of advanced health assessment at the Harley Street Medical Centre.

Harley Street Medical Centre is a world-leader in preventive health.

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