BrainKey Talks - Episode 5

In our fifth episode of BrainKey Talks we discuss longevity and brain health with Dr. Eric Eskioğlu, MD.

Dr. Eric Eskioğlu, MD, is a leading voice for the development and deployment of AI in medicine and, he is helping to shape the future of brain health and longevity.

In this lively discussion, we delve into Dr. Eskioğlu’s aerospace engineering and neurosurgery background, his insights and predictions for the future of AI in brain health, and why large health systems such as Novant are well-positioned to improve patient care with AI.

2019 - ESKIOGLU, Eric (Full Body - Window).jpg

Eric Eskioğlu, MD, is executive vice president and chief medical and scientific officer for Novant Health.

At Novant Health, he oversees our medical staff system-wide, as well as safety and quality initiatives and programs supporting clinical variation reduction, pharmacy, and healthcare economics.

Furthermore, Dr. Eskioğlu co-leads the Novant Heath Institute of Innovation & Artificial Intelligence and is a practicing vascular neurosurgeon.