Conversation about BrainAge Research

Interested in brain aging?

Andrei Irimia just published a great PNAS paper on using AI to measure brain aging. We chatted and the conversation is here:

YouTube Link to Conversation

Beyond brain aging, what's interesting here?

--> "AI in Medicine" is evolving.

AI has traditionally been built to be sophisticated "Decision Trees" i.e. "Does patient have X disease?". This is powerful. With it, we can duplicate and scale up world class expert human level decision making.

What's the next level?

Systems biology AI. These models inform about the underlying biology of an individual patient. They go beyond "does this patient have X disease" to ---> "What is the root drive causing X disease".

Why is this important?

With "Systems biology AI", treatment can target the root cause of disease.

In the past three years, $10+ billion was invested in "Longevity" pharma. These companies target the root cause of disease.

These companies are already employing "Systems biology AI" on a group level to uncover novel insights. This lends itself to uncovering both:
1) novel compounds
2) novel use cases for "old" compounds.

The Brain Aging PNAS manuscript is here:

Manuscript Authors: Chenzhong Yin, Phoebe Imms, Mingxi Cheng, Anar Amgalan, Nahian F. Chowdhury, Roy J. Massett, Nikhil N. Chaudhari, Xinghe Chen, Paul M. Thompson, Paul Bogdan, Andrei Irimia, and the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative-8Authors Info & Affiliations