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1. Get your MRI
Find a copy of your existing MRI, or get one from your medical provider.
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Upload your scan through our secure connection.
3. Analyze
Our powerful AI analyzes your brain scan for you.
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Explore your brain with our insights as your guide.

What is a personal brain dashboard

See your brain in 3D, plus insights and advice on how to improve it

BrainKey transforms your brain MRI
scan into your personal brain dashboard

Your brain. Yours to uncover.

Don’t have an MRI?
  • Choose from a variety of brains to view
  • Explore the brain in 3D
Explore your brain
See your brain in 3D
  • Personal brain map
  • Ability to 3D print your brain
  • Keep track of multiple scans
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Premium Personal Brain Dashboard
Access to all features
  • Personal brain map
  • Ability to 3D print your brain
  • Advanced Quantitative personal brain statistics
  • Advanced brain tracking across multiple brain scans
  • Mark and label your brain
  • Personal brain recommendations
  • Access to new features
Premium Version

User testimonials

What other users say about BrainKey
Jonathan, Chicago
Jonathan, Chicago
“I have a unique brain and ever since my brain surgery, I have been fascinated to learn more about it. The problem with CT-scans and MRI scans is that they only show 2 dimensions. I would highly recommend BrainKey to anyone interested in their brain and seeing it in 3D! I believe their technology is amazing.”
Kierstin, New Jersey
Kierstin, New Jersey
“Finding BrainKey was an unexpected surprise. Love to see the structure of my own brain and the possibility of tracking changes over time.”
Nicole, Idaho
Nicole, Idaho
“When I first tried BrainKey, I was really excited to see my brain in 3D. It’s so much better than looking at a 2D scan.I like how I can easily flip back and forth to different views. BrainKey is really helping me to learn about my MRI brain scans.”

*The BrainKey report does not include specific health predisposition or specific medical advice. It is not a diagnostic tool, and any medical decisions regarding brain health should be discussed with a physician. BrainKey has not been reviewed by the FDA.