Neuroscientists built BrainKey to ensure a healthier future for the world’s most complex organ - the human brain.

BrainKey's long-term mission is to unlock better future treatments for the 1+ billion people suffering from debilitating neurological and other brain disorders.

Leadership Team

Owen Philips, PhD
Founder & CEO

“My own mother has had a treatable version of dementia that should have been identified and treated years ago. But it was missed, and her outcome is worse for it.

We created BrainKey to create a powerful new tool that can fundamentally improve how we identify, treat, and manage brain health. It’s a personal mission for me but it’s a global problem as 1 in 3 will experience dementia in their lifetime.”

-Owen Philips, PhD
CEO and Founder of BrainKey
Shiwen (Valerie) Wang
Business & Marketing Analytics
Katharina Koch, PhD
Product Management
Natalia Del Campo, PhD
Business Development
Nathan Strong, PhD
Founder and CTO
Kevin Aquino, PhD
Scientific Director
William Ogden Moore
Business Development
Daniel J. Valentino, PhD
Alyssa Goulding
Design Lead
Brittany Holmes, PhD
Scientific Communication
Owen Philips, PhD
Neuroscientist, Founder & CEO

Trusted Advisors

Maximilian Ibel, PhD

Board Member

Professor Akshay Chaudhari, PhD

Stanford University

Professor James Cole, PhD

University College London

Professor Olivier Rascol, MD, PhD

University of Toulouse

Edmond Knopp, MD


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