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Brainkey is your all-in-one resource for taking control of the health of your brain. We combine advanced AI with elite physicians so you can be confident you are in control of your brain health.

The BrainKey Scan

Understand your brain like never before

With Brainkey, you can easily get your own brain MRI without a doctor’s referral. The BrainKey Scan is a high resolution AI enhanced brain scan and only takes about 15 minutes. Book your MRI scan when it suits you, where it suits you. We partner with top imaging centers in your neighborhood.

What BrainKey Can Do For You


BrainKey can benchmark and identify risk factors to your brain health via clinical readings to detect aneurysms, lesions, tumors, and more.

Brain Health

Track changes in your brain over time, identify when action is needed, and organize all of your brain scans in one place.


We put your brain scan results at your fingertips. Get an inside look at your brain in 3D, and understand it like never before with your own personal brain profile.

Brainkey, Explained

How It Works

Learn about all you can do in the Brainkey dashboard. Get an inside look at your brain, navigate it in 3D, and take charge of your neurological health.

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Answers from medical experts

Brainkey partners with UCLA phsyicians, who you can schedule an appointment with to review the results of the BrainKey scan you received. These experts can answer any questions you have, and give you guidance on the health of your brain.

A better way to check up on your brain health

Why haven’t you heard of this test at your doctor’s office? Proactive brain MRI scans are not covered by federal insurance. In some states, reactive testing can be covered—but you have to prove that you have serious symptoms (and that’s when it’s often too late). Getting info to monitor your own health? Not covered at all—and these same tests can cost you up to $3,000 out of pocket.

BrainKey is the most affordable and accessible way to check in on your brain health. (Plus, you can use your HSA/FSA)

Clinic Cost
$1,000 - $3,000
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Explore Jane’s brain

Don’t have an MRI yet? Choose from a variety of brains to view, including Jane’s, and explore it in 3D! The dashboard shows you statistics about your brain’s size and age, as well as tips on how to improve it.

Safe and Secure

Your privacy, always

Discovery should never come at the expense of privacy. Your data is encrypted, protected and under your control. All information complies with HIPAA regulations. You decide what you want to know and what you want to share.

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