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See your brain in 3D, plus insights and advice on how to improve it. Upload your MRI files and navigate around your own brain, or let us help you get your own MRI!

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Get an inside look at your brain, and understand it like never before. Use your own MRI to get a deep, personal brain profile with BrainKey.

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Don’t have an MRI?
  • Choose from a variety of brains to view
  • Explore the brain in 3D
Explore Your Brain
See your brain in 3D
  • Personal brain map
  • Ability to 3D print your brain
  • Keep track of multiple scans
Free Version
Personal Brain Dashboard
Free version's features, plus:
  • Personal Brain Dashboard
  • Advanced individual brain statistics
  • Personalized Brain Report
  • Access to new features as they are developed
Premium Version
BrainKey Bundle
  • High-resolution Brain MRI Scan
  • Radiology Review
  • Premium Version Personal Brain Dashboard
BrainKey Bundle

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Discovery should never come at the expense of privacy. Your data is encrypted, protected and under your control. All information complies with HIPAA regulations. You decide what you want to know and what you want to share.


BrainKey Enthusiasts

I have a unique brain and ever since my brain surgery, I have been fascinated to learn more about it. The problem with CT-scans and MRI scans is that they only show 2 dimensions. I would highly recommend BrainKey to anyone interested in their brain and seeing it in 3D! I believe their technology is amazing.
-Jonathan, Cleveland
Seeing and exploring my own brain in Brainkey is awesome! It inspired me to read up on the structure of the brain, which led me to research more health topics and now I have the benefit and satisfaction of a greater understanding of the body. BrainKey's automatic region segmentation is especially cool, and way beyond anything I've seen in other software.
-Doug, San Francisco
When I first tried BrainKey, I was really excited to see my brain in 3D. It’s so much better than looking at a 2D scan.I like how I can easily flip back and forth to different views. BrainKey is really helping me to learn about my MRI brain scans.
-Nicole, Idaho

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