Brain Health & Longevity Management

We are pioneering an approach to brain longevity which quantifies brain health and aligns patients with personal treatment recommendations.


Your Hippocampal Gene Score: 0.75

Population Average: 0

Related Brain Functions: memory & learning

Two ways to start using BrainKey:

Brain Scan Data

Analyze your MRI scans to learn about your brain health and longevity.

Genetic Data

Analyze your genetic data to discover what your genes predict about your brain longevity.

With BrainKey you get

3D Visualizations, brain volume and genetic measurements, plus personalized recommendations for nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

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Explore over 25 of your brain regions in 3D

Get an inside look at your brain and navigate it in 3D. Use BrainKey to visualize MRI scans in a way never before possible.

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Track and compare your brain over time

Accurately measure and track the volume of each brain structure automatically.

Access Metrics

Get actionable recommendations and insights

BrainKey uses your brain data to deliver personalized recommendations and insights.

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Calculate your BrainAge

Use the latest neuroscience research to calculate how your brain age compares with your actual age.

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Learn how your genes impact your brain health

Bring your personalized genetics results from companies like 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or MyHeritage to BrainKey and let us tell you what your genes say about your brain!

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Owen Philips, PhD
Founder & CEO

“My own mother has had a treatable version of dementia that should have been identified and treated years ago. But it was missed, and her outcome is worse for it.

We created BrainKey to create a powerful new tool that can fundamentally improve how we identify, treat, and manage brain health. It’s a personal mission for me, but it’s a global problem as 1 in 3 will experience dementia in their lifetime.”

-Owen Philips, PhD
CEO and Founder of BrainKey

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