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Upload your brain MRI scans

Quickly and easily upload your brain MRI data and get your own BrainKey Dashboard, free of charge.

Why upload your scans to Brainkey?

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Check in with your brain health

Track changes in your brain over time, and identify when action is needed. BrainKey can benchmark and identify risk factors to your brain health, using powerful AI technology.

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Detect potential issues early

Early dection of brain problems is crucial for successful treatment. The BrainKey scan can identify problems years before symptoms are present, detecting aneurysms, lesions, tumors, and more.

Get a personal brain profile

Organize all of your brain scans in one place, and get an inside look at your brain in 3D. Understand your brain like never before with your own personal brain profile.

How it works

Answer a few quick questions
Drag & drop your MRI files from your CD
We do the rest!
What to Expect

Visit the Brainkey Dashboard

We try to process your brain scan in a few minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours for the robots to complete their work. We will email you as soon as your scan is ready to view, and in the meantime you can view demo brains in the Brainkey Dashboard.

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